How to choose dessert wines

Everybody knows life is sweeter with Port’s wine but the other wines combined with a dessert dish might be fantastic as well. The Portuguese wine portfolio is a very rich one when it comes to dessert wines. We are better know as the home of Port’s Wine but we have other equally good varieties.

How to choose dessert wines - The Portuguese Wine

The Portuguese Wine decided to share Tips on how to choose a Portuguese dessert wine:

  1.  Learn the different kind of dessert wine including the fortified wine such as Port and Cherry and latest harvested wine made from sweet ripe grapes. For instances, you must learn that a drier wine does not go well with dessert plates. You should go for a Muscatel from the region of Setúbal, a classic Port wine, traditional semi-sweet wines or even a Madeira wine.
  2. Compliment, always! Cake, Cookies, fruit, chocolate and cheese are great pairs for any kind of dessert wine.
  3. Muscat wine goes well with fruit.  Muscat grapes produce lighter and sweeter winesThe sweet Muscatel wine goes well with fruits, nuts, chocolate or coffee.
  4. The malavasia variety from Madeira is perfect for honey cake, tropical fruits, dry nuts or something with milk chocolate.
  5. Choose a fortified wine like Port’s when you are dealing rich desert: pick a lighter ruby port wine when you are eating a fruit pie, tawny Port’s with milk chocolate and vintage Port’s with dark chocolate.
  6. Dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert.
  7. Serve very sweet dessert wines as a desert themselves.

Enjoy wine lovers!

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