Get to know Cantinho das Aromaticas amazing teas

The benefits of tea are becoming well known. With lots of varieties in the market, each with different benefits, the consumer can choose the one that suits best to what they want. Choosing the tea by its taste will not harm anyone too.

With different flavors and recognized quality, Cantinho das Aromáticas is located in north of Portugal, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and makes organic production of teas with some awarded varieties.

On the farm, we can find Iberian flora with 150 species and varieties. From condiments to medicinal plants, some of the cultivated species are echinacea, lemon verbena, lemongrass, peppermint, laurel, lemon thyme, and many others. In January 2012 the company celebrated ten years of existence.

The location of the production garden of Cantinho das Aromáticas has some climactic advantages, since the farm is located near the sea in a transition zone between the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates.  This unique climate, in addition to the enormous care that are put into the preparation of the soil, gives an unique and unequalled character to the  herbs.

Cantinho das Aromáticas has various types of packaging: cans with 40g of tea, boxes with 20 bags of tea and, also, boxes with 60 bags (10 bags of 6 types of tea).

The flavours you can find in the cans:

The boxes have these flavours:

These are the two teas awarded:
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